пятница, 9 июля 2010 г.

I'm interested in media not just because I'm a journalist, but I'm a journalist who covers media. It's like a circle, where all my life in recent years has been about journalism and journalists. Most of my friends are journalists, I'm a journalist covering journalism in Russia. And it's interesting that as a main part of my job I have to deal with editors-in-chief, who are actually my ex-bosses or probably future ones. I find it quite unusual :-)

As a final project I would like to recover differences in particular areas of the US journalism. For now I'm thinking about writing the project which would cover legislative issues of slander and diffamation in the US and Russia. It's quite interesting for me, cause it's completely different. The law system is completely different from the US, and there is a Criminal Code in Russia which says about criminal penalty for slander. Shamelessly, it could be a prison!

So I could do research about this area, to look for some histiorical and recent examples and then I would write about my opinion, which I already have. I completely disagree with the idea that the person can be punished for the words he says or writes.

I will look for the articles explaining the Russian and US situations in this field, will try to be creative in pictures choice and hope the presentation will be good.

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