вторник, 13 июля 2010 г.

Food and culture

There are very different cultures of cooking and eating habits in our class. So sometimes it's even hard to say what American food remindes you the home one.

For example, Annie likes spicy food and she hardly can find here, in the US, something similar to her food habbits. She thinks that American Chinese restaurants use too much sugur, so it makes food completely different from what she is used to eat. She has found once the sauce which was the same as in her home, but of cause it was made in China.

At the same time for Ximena it's easy to find something reminding about Chile. Just get vegetables and voila, you can cook something Chilian. Her favorite food is charquican which is possible to cook with meet or without.

As for cultrual ties both girls are agree that food can represent people. And Annie explains it very interesting. She says that people in her native town are very emotional, so she thinks that love to spicy food and such quality are related.

The knowledge about food which can come from the media or books is very important. That's how we can become more conscious consumers of food. It also can help to understand which food is more healthy for people in particular area. I believe that food which comes from the region you live in can be more useful for you than other.

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