среда, 30 июня 2010 г.

Hi there,

I think, it could be very different ways to reach your goals in English, but first of all you need to see them.

Ok. I have a problem with relative clauses and time frames. What I can do with time frames? When I read grammar rules it seems I understand when I have to use those frames, but when I use them I do a lot of mistakes. I think, if nobody corrects me, it should be hard to understand what I'm doing wrong, so I have to just leave it and continue reading, wishing at the same time that it will be changed somehow.

At the same time I can focus on relative clauses, so I have o read the grammar books and have to ask PJ about the right one. I can do some exsesises in those textbooks. I can also continue reading and watching American movies and pay attention to the usage of clauses. Doing so I can mesure if I began to do it correct by using them, so I need PJ to tell me if it was correct use.

I probably cannot get the understanding how correctly to do requests to provide information for my professional needs, so I have to leave that goal and chose another one. I've been told that I have problems with articles, so I need to work on them. The way can be similar as for the forst goal. To read grammar, to practice it doing exercises and to keep getting English as much as it possible, from TV, radio, internet, etc.

At last I can say about the third goal which is to improve better dictionary. So I can pick up 10 words I liked weekly and I think could be useful. Then I can publish them in this blog, providing some additional information: meaning, translation, synonims and antonyms and the example sentence as well.

I think those goals are possible to reach and they can be very helpful with my roman with English.

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